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He stepped into his first foray as a career soldier and was posted to a specialist training school destined to be sergeant by rank. He can either accept this posting as an acknowledgement or determined his own path, he chose the latter. Graduating in the top 10% of the cohort, he was among the chosen few that crossed over to Officer Cadet School, a corridor not just to be commissioned officer but the personal development he deemed bigger than his shoulder rank. A specialist converted to Officer ORD as a Lieutenant Armour officer never rest on his laurel and was twice promoted to the rank of Major in his NS obligation years. He gesture his appreciation to the Armour formation by being the silver recipient for 2010 NDP sponsorship


A short term stint with the army prove a fertile training ground and a valuable platform for him to venture into commercial sector. He embarked into his next stage of life and was a financial practitioner until he met his true calling. During his years as a planner, he had once again proven himself and was the company top producer for many years running.


Arm with a background in financial planning, he bring about a new dimension to real estate selling. His abilities in advising his clients rather than mere transacting and his unrelenting belief in servicing standard earn him a place as a nominee of SAEA Real Estate Excellence Awards.


 He is Chew Hock Ngee, newly crowned 2013 HSR Overall No.1 Achiever and No.1 Lister with an impressive 257 HSR and Division Hall Of Fame that comprises the highest accolade of Top Lister, Achiever, Recruiter, Transactor and Manager. An unprecedented record clocked within 83 months.

(September 2011 to July 2018 ).


His passion towards real estate profession earn him an astonishing 7 times promotion in just 2 years. Currently, an Associate Partner with HSR International Realtor Pte Ltd, he led a team of like-minded associates govern by his high advisory standard. Constantly be reminded by his vision and mission, Hock Ngee aim to be the most preferred choice real estate practitioner and a leader his team can look up to. Balancing his work life, he find enjoyment in his hobbies that keep him excited and rejuvenated. 

On 28 Feb 2014, in another milestone, he was conferred the prestigious 2013/2014 Singapore Excellence Award Top 100 Winner, the 1st in HSR History and the ONLY among the 31,783 real estate salesperson. Never resting on his laurels, he clinched another national award - IEA Realtors' Gold award on 8 Oct 2014 joining the industry best.



An avid watch and toy collector, married to a supportive wife and blessed with three lovely children , he is also extremely involved in the go karting community. Hock Ngee was a sponsored driver in the national sanctioned event - 2011 Corporate Karting Challenge. His team won the overall Championship. In 2013, in another local sanctioned race, he was the runner up for the sprint race.


Hock Ngee belief in life is to excel in whatever endeavor you do, constantly finding challenges in life, innovating, adopt lifelong learning approach and he never settle for second best.  If you share what Hock Ngee belief, do feel free to contact him, be it a career discussion, a business opportunities for him to serve you or a similar hobby you might had with him.


Last but not least, his heartiest appreciation to people who touched his life, widen his horizon and granted him a opportunity to perform his task. He paid tribute to his late mother whom till date serve as an inspirational figure and he count every achievement he had a blessing he don't take for granted.


Thank you and have a great life on and off work.

Catch me at my Facebook Page "Hock Ngee" to stay connected.